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The Full Story

Ioulia Selimi is a mother of 4 boys.

She is the owner of “Ethereal by Ioulia Selimi” a studio in Palaia Penteli, North of Athens and she cooperates with luxury hotels and villas in Santorini for Yoga Aerial and Pilates sessions during the summer. 

She  is a certified Hatha Yoga  and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher 1st series.  Aerial Antigravity Fitness & Yoga Teacher and a Stott Pilates Instructor.  

Furthermore she attended and graduated from a silversmith school Mokume (2004), and later on started an online store for wedding crowns and jewellery. Creation is her lifelong love till today.


She was the owner and founder of “Treehouse Studio” for 8 years, one of the best Pilates and Yoga studios in the North of Athens in Greece. 

Her studies started in “The college of sports and science” back in 1993 in Athens.  

She later continued on and finished IAFA college, a fitness school  for group and personal training in 1996. Over the years she attended lots of seminars and trainings around the world, about pilates, rehab, prenatal, kids yoga etc. 

She become a certified Hatha yoga teacher (2003) at “Prana Yoga” in Thailand.

She got Stott Pilates private education (equipment) in Canada Montreal (2011)

An Aerial Antigravity Yoga & Fitness Teacher (2013) in Athens with Christopher Harrison founder of AGY.

A Bungee fitness Teacher in Athens (2018).

She got her certificate for Thai massage (2009) and she created and became the co-owner for “Treehouse massage and beauty” in 2016. 

Her passion the last past years has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga.

She become certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher 1st series by Kristina Karitinou @Association of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Greece (2023).



Being a good teacher and inspire change through  teaching. To improve the quality of life of my students and treat them with compassion and love.


Inspiring a lifelong love of learning the body and the soul, by creating lessons that are exciting, authentic and relevant to the lives of my students.

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